A Place for a Fresh Start: Bikalpa Foundation Nepal

In a calm, peaceful setting far from busy city life, you’ll find Bikalpa Foundation Nepal. This special place is all about helping people stop using drugs and alcohol for a long time. Bikalpa Foundation Nepal isn’t just any place – it’s where people find hope again, change their lives, and begin a journey towards staying away from drugs and alcohol for good. They do this with their residential treatment program.

Bikalpa Foundation Nepal is a place where people find a fresh start. Through their residential program, they give each person a personalized plan, support around the clock, and the skills to lead a drug and alcohol-free life. It’s a place where hope comes alive, and lasting recovery begins. At the center, we teach things like talking about problems, finding ways to change bad thoughts and habits, and getting motivated to make life better. Learning these things helps people make their lives healthier and happier.

Bikalpa foundation Nepal believes in taking care of the whole person. They help with mental health and physical health, so people can feel good inside and out.

Treatment Methods


Detoxification, in simple terms, is the process of removing harmful substances, like drugs or alcohol, from a person’s body. It helps them stop being dependent on these substances.

Health Recovery

It has a plan to help people get better from addiction. It’s a full and careful plan to support people while they live at the center. Here are the most important things about this plan:

Counseling Session

People at the center talk with each person and learn about their problems, needs, and dreams. Then, they make a plan just for them. This helps everyone get the best help they need.


Yoga and meditation are practices that help people relax, reduce stress, and feel better in their bodies and minds. Both yoga and meditation are great for improving overall well-being.


If you find drug users in your family and neighborhood, kindly inform the reforms Foundation at the earliest. “Talk about problems of drug abuse without any hesitation. Share information about drug addiction and measures to control it to others.

“Lastly, realizing that prevention is better than cure.

Message from Chairman

We seek to spread the light of hope and care – wherever we find the darkness of anguish and despair. We endeavor, in a humble way, to reach socially neglected people and give them an encouraging new way of life.

The focus of Bikalpa Foundation Nepal is to support Drug addicts to establish themselves in society with best possible care.

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Voice from Director

We seek to spread the light of hope and care wherever we find the darkness of anguish and despair.

The focus of Bikalpa Foundation is to support drug addicts to establish themselves in society. We had successfully reached 70% in our goal.