About us

Bikalpa Foundation is a voluntary, non-profit organization dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol-related problems. Bikapla Foundation was formed in 2012 by several years of experienced individuals working with different organizations in the area of drugs and alcohol treatment and the rehabilitation field along with HIV/AIDS, child sexual abuse, natural disasters, skill development, and old age care. The organization works against drug/alcohol addiction and helps to create a prevention and awareness program through 12 steps in addition to a harm reduction and aftercare program, and free health camp. The organization has broad objectives. It has been working for over a decade in this field.

Aims of prevention and awareness against drug/alcohol abuse

  • To decrease the mass level of drug/Alcohol users in a targeted area
    and to ensure a brief knowledge of the bad impact on family and
    society and harmful to health and to ensure the youth to raise
    awareness of their responsibilities toward family and society.
  • To raise community awareness on the destruction has in our
    communities and society at large.
  • To discourage irresponsible consumption of Drug/alcohol by all
    people in society and particularly youth.
  • To campaign for a complete ban on the advertising of alcohol
    within all media channels.